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TYC introduced in a Webinar hold by FONAP

On 8th of September 2015, the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) hosted a webinar about the new tool Global Risk Assessment Services (GRAS). GRAS is a database, with which users can perform complex risk analysis on land use change, carbon stock changes, biodiversity hot spots and social indices for agricultural and forestry areas. Trace Your Claim was presented as an efficient and reliable way to transfer all relevant analysis data of GRAS from the plantation to the end-costumer.

TYC at the FONAP General Assembly

On the 10th of March 2015, the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (Forum für Nachhaltiges Palmöl (FONAP)) was holding its General Assembly at the GIZ house in Berlin.

Under the program point "Traceability in the supply chain - Introduction of existing tools" TYC was introduced as a solution to ensure traceability, security and credibility for palm based supply chains in the chemical, food and feed market.

In a live-presentation of the TYC database, a specific example of tracing back palm kernel ingredients of a surfactanct (Laurylalcohol-Ethoxylat) and their sustainability characteristics was shown.

The presentation (German) can be found here.

TYC in Biofuels International March/April 2014

Are today's renewable fuel traceability concepts suitable to meet future information requests?

Biofuels International, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2014

The article presents the database Trace Your Claim (TYC) as a solution to cover complex supply chains and the various requirements on traceabilty set by the EU RED and the Member States. It shows that TYC covers also the high requirements of double-counting materials and thus provides a credible solution against fraud.

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TYC pilot phase

In 2014 TYC performed pilot tests in order to verify the database performance and to further adapt features and functions to user needs.

All relevant adaptations have been included in 2014 and contributed to a user-friendly solution, which provides highest security.

TYC user committee

Engaged TYC clients with the intention to participate in the further development and continuous improvement of the TYC database are invited to join the TYC User Committee. Participation is open for all TYC clients and certification bodies serving recognized voluntary schemes.