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Trace Your Claim, users and stakeholders

The TYC Trace Your Claim database is operated by an independent service provider and is open for all users who want to make reliable claims on sustainability, raw material origin or product charactersitics. 

The TYC database was developed to meet the rising demand for reliable product declaration and credible sustainability claims. In order to achieve economies of scale TYC was set up as an independent private company which is open for all users, all kinds of raw material and processing technologies. TYC takes the needs of all stakeholders into account and does not prefer specific industry segments or sustainability certification systems. Users can rely on highest data security standards with their account data, suppliers and customers strictly private.

Who can join

Every producer of agricultural products, processor, manufacturer, blender or manufacturer can join Trace Your Claim. To become a user of the TYC database it is only necessary to apply for access to TYC on our ‘Register’ page and you will receive by email an access code to enter the TYC database.

One of the most important goals during the development of the TYC database and its further continuous improvement is to integrate different stakeholder needs Under ‘TYC features’ users have the opportunity to apply for amendments and additional features and functions. In the future these topics will be discussed within the TYC User Committee which is open for TYC users and certification bodies. Meetings of the TYC User Committee are announced ‘here’.

Why you should join Trace your Claim

When you are interested in further feedstock information

An increasing number of manufacturers, retailers and customers request information on social and environmental questions of the agricultural production of their final product. Has there been a conversion of protected or important areas for my product? Have social standards been regarded? What are the environmental impacts of the product? With TYC any kind of information can be transferred from the agricultural production to the end-product manufacturer.

When you are a biofuel producer, who want to deliver to the European market

The TYC database provides users with everything they need to comply with the complex requirements for ‘single and double counting’ material within the EU and its Member States. TYC facilitates compliance with the provisions of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED 2009/28) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD 200/30). This implies timely and flexible reaction to users need without bureaucratic burden and lengthy decision taking processes. Further on TYC provides access to existing national databases for economic operators all over the world.